Magnetic Polo Tee (Navy Blue XL Sizes Sold Out)
Customer Reviews
David Martin

This fabulous T-shirt comes in 2 gorgeous colours, red and navy blue. Its super easy to wear and is machine washable. Its excellent for cold conditions too. The T-shirts are overall well made, durable and well worth the investment.

28 August 2020

This Revolutionary Magnetic Polo Tee is definitely making my life easier. No more hassle to button up my shirt.

10 August 2020
Dato Dr Venugopal Balchand

I find it very comfortable, the material is breathable and soft, it's worth the value.

10 August 2020

VERY comfortable and worth for the money!

29 July 2020

The Magnetic Polo Tee is cool and convenient, it's perfect for lazy people like me !

29 July 2020