Hello Friends! It's Nicki here to share another fun post!

When I was in my teens and still had my right eye vision, I used to watch fashion models on the catwalk strutting in their captivating and unique designer clothing and I never imagined that I would be doing the same one day. It happened recently, at the Local Action for Global Goals event at Sunway University on 20th September 2022, when I was invited by Dawn Adaptive to be their OKU model to showcase their collection, to promote and create awareness on adaptive clothing.


I was both nervous and excited to do my first live modelling with no experience but the difficult part was...I'm blind. Ha! Blind model eh?? WOW!!


There were a few other OKUs on wheelchair; one with Down's syndrome and myself were able to move normally. I had to really familiar myself with the catwalk path, how many steps to take before I had to stop and pose and continue a few more steps again and do another pose before finishing at the other end. Thankfully, Dawn Adaptive's founder Usha and her wonderful crew were assisting and guiding me throughout my moves, patiently waiting while I practice and memorize the required steps and routine.


There were the other abled models who volunteered from Sunway University and helped me to visualize my surrounding and guided me with some tips. All in all, it was a good experience and I enjoyed it just as much as the other OKU models. Will I be doing it again? Probably, though I feel that I'd be my best doing a photoshoot! Till my next modelling adventure, stay cool, stay vibrant, stay safe.